“WAKATAITEA”  is a 46ft double canoe. The name Wakataitea is translated out of the Maori language and means “white canoe”  Her rig is a “Crab Claw” rig. A thousands of years old tradition sail, developed by the first navigator in the Pacific Ocean. The design is based on the  ancient Pacific double canoes built by the Polynesia’s to voyage from island to island. This Design Plans are made by the James Wharram design Team (TIKI 46)  She was built in New Zealand, by us (Isabelle and Hans) in January 2009.  Since her launching she has sailed in many parts of the Pacific. She is used as a home, scientific research and humanitarian help vessel.  Wakataitea‘s home port is New Zealand and we like to share her with people who like to step out of the modern world for a little while and explore the  sea. Her accommodation is simple and comfortable, with many private spaces, where one can retreat to, to be alone. You may like to sit on her bow,  watching the sunset or dolphins passing by. . Relaxing, meditating or just letting your thoughts drift...  Food is prepared in the big and wonderful galley, which with a large hatch can be open to the sky above the dining saloon or the food is then eaten  outside on the wide central deck, which comfortable cushions and a BBQ.  We carry a solid sailing dingy with a 2 hp outboard engine on the stern ramp, a dive compressor and 3 set scuba diving gear, Snorkel / fishing gear  and many more on board ...  We find many quiet anchorages, where all can swim off the stern ramp, which lowers down to the sea".....  The main engine is a 28 hp diesel engine. Our power for electricity is coming from solar energy .   We have 12volt or 110/220 volt available.   We navigate in much different way. Paper charts, electronic charts or only using the stars and like to share our knowledge with our crew. If you like...  Why a wharram???  www.wharramsailing.com copyright 2012