The island lies about 311 miles (501 km) to the east-southeast of Nendö, at 11°36′39″S 169°51′1″E Coordinates: 11°36′39″S 169°51′1″E. It is a small volcanic island with a fringing coral reef. The highest point on the island is 213 feet (65 m) above sea level. The island has a diameter of only about 820 yards (750 m). Lapita Voyage Arrival in Anuta Lapita Anuta on the way to Tikopia According to oral traditions, Anuta was settled by voyagers from Tonga and 'Uvea about fifteen generations ago. The current social structure was established around ten generations ago, when the chief, Tearakura, his two brothers, and one brother-in-law, slew the remainder of the island's male population. These men, along with Tearakura's two sisters, were founders of the island's four kainanga , large descent groups that are sometimes described in English as 'clans'. A mission was established by the Anglican church in 1916. copyright 2013 back Anuta islands Solomon Islands
Anuta is a small high island in the southeastern part of the Solomon Islands province of Temotu, one of the smallest permanently inhabited Polynesian islands.